Lasers – Turret Punch Presses

General A&E’s commitment to being at the forefront of modern technology is most evident in our blanking department. We are able to utilize this technology to its fullest by maintaining an extremely skilled and formally trained personnel.

Our flying optics laser, the Amada FO3015NT, can cut from thinner gauge aluminum parts to thicker, industrial steel parts while maintaining upmost precision and efficiency.

With a press capacity of 20 tons, 45 stations and up to 1800 hits per minute, our Amada EM2510‘s capabilities allows for speed and accuracy on a wide range of materials.

The Amada LC C1 2012 punch and laser combination machine is our newest addition. With material loading and unloading, parts picking, and lights out capabilities, the C1 is completely automated. We are able to utilize both punching and laser cutting to dramatically cut costs and lead times.

Brake – Bending

Parts with multiple bends are processed in one handling on our computer-controlled Amada press brakes to assure that they meet all dimensional tolerances after complete forming. This factory-maintained equipment is capable of keeping bending programs in memory to ensure fast throughput, though each bend is sample inspected prior to approval.