General A&E is proud to be registered to both ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 : Rev D.

Since 1954, our commitment to a culture of quality and innovation has been a cornerstone in our continuing success.

General A & E assures quality by using a particular software approach requiring each step in the production process to be approved by Quality Control so that the first piece at each production step is inspected. This software is in use during quotation, contract review, order entry, production planning and the actual production process. Employees log their pieces and times via barcoding at every step. FOD (foreign object detection) is included on operation sheets and audited regularly.

Each and every piece of inspection equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST standards on a regular calendar which is audited by our quality registrar who does our recertification every three years plus surveillance auditing every year to both AS9100 and ISO 9001.

We have a robust continuous improvement program motivated by our monthly analysis of performance versus objectives. This performance measurement is generated by the quality software.